The enthusiasm for STOMP led Claudia to percussion. Since then, all percussion instruments or things in everyday life that are suitable for creating rhythm and unusual sounds have triggered a "must-have urge" in her. For velocidad Claudia sits behind the conga, in samba formations she prefers to play on the timba. Claudia
Michael Michael can be found at velocidad on the keyboard, saxophone and occasionally on the vocal microphone. He composes and arranges the titles, while the others are in his ears with suggestions and requests for changes.

Michael is also musically active in other projects: see Michael's homepage
A stylistically versatile openness and a curiosity for the sometimes unconventional arrangements of Velocidad led Andreas to the band, in which he provides the tonal foundation with the electric bass. Andreas
Instrumente We like guest musicians - at rehearsals and performances!
Just send an email to and come to the Kulturwerkstatt on Saturdays between 3pm and 5pm.
Welcome guests:
  • Caspar tb, g
  • Martina voc, perc
  • Edgar p
  • Annette as, voc (founding member)
  • Ingeborg p
  • Markus tp
  • Dieter g
  • Barbara voc, p
  • Padma ts, voc, fl